Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why Togetherness Matters

Broadly speaking there are two major reactions to the Zaggle Social Calendar

1. "Your evite thing is a loser idea. 20+ other startups are already doing this"

That's a typical face-to-face encounter I've had with any tech celebrity who has heard about Zaggle. This includes such luminaries as Peter Pham, James Hong, Munjal Shah, Jason Calacanis, and most recently, Michael Arrington.

The second class of reactions goes something like this:

2. "Zaggle is so cool! It's the best way to hang out with my friends."

This second group of people is made up of my friends as well as non-famous strangers I have met at conferences, meetups and similar situations.

Why the dissonance? One reason seems to be that the more famous the more existing tools satisfy your social needs. When 1,000 people are banging down your door for attention you don't need a calendar. You have an entourage that picks the coolest events, and your handler taps you on the shoulder you when it's time to go.

For the rest of us though, something just isn't working. We've got our birthdays on facebook, our cousin's bridal shower on evite, our concerts on sonicliving, our meetups on, and our tech mixers on eventbrite. There is no central place to go to find out whats hip for you, where to go to get that introduction you need or how best to take a break with your friends. Even the supposedly social event sites like Socializr are devoid of tools that are actually useful to someone who wants to hang out with their friends. Most consumers don't even use a calendar, they just remember a handful of events in their head or keep the reminder emails their inbox. For those of us that do use Outlook, iCal or Google Calendar, we have to painstakingly copy and paste a million pieces of event info around to keep ourselves organized. Why should we have to stay organized? Why can't we just have a digital secretary that tells us when it's time to go?

Zaggle will save us. Zaggle is your digital entourage. Zaggle will show you WHO you want to hang out with, WHERE to hang out with them and HOW to get there. Zaggle is where the zero-cost communication of social networking meets the high stakes game of face to face interaction, the ultimate human experience. Whether you need to earn money, spend money, meet someone or ditch someone, Zaggle will help you get there.

For anyone that would like to be part of the solution, I humbly invite you participate in the The Zaggle Community as a user, a cheerleader, an employee, a critic, or any other role you think would be helpful. Let's hang out!

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