Monday, September 28, 2009

Participate the Zaggle Project!

October is almost upon us and Project Zaggle is well under way. We have been hard at work on prototypes for our FB Connect website, our facebook application, and our native iPhone application. Last Tuesday Zaggle was highlighed introductory meeting for the new Founder Institute in San Diego, as well as appearing in the SDFI promotional video. We are now actively seeking participants, beta testers, volunteers, and employees to join Team Zaggle. We are at a very early stage and your skill-set and previous work experience are less important than passion for the Zaggle mission, which is to develop a platform that facilitates togetherness. Here is a 60 second pitch justifying this vision:

When you are wondering what to do, Zaggle will show you what your friends are doing so you can decide which group of friends you want to join up with. Zaggle scans all of your social network accounts and calendars and builds a record of where your friends plan to be and when they plan to be there. We use this information to provide a form of asychronous communication, you don't have to ask your friends what they are doing. At a glance you can see who is busy now, and who is busy later, and who is doing something that interests you, and when. Zaggle will provide directions and assistance to help you meet up with your friends. Once there, all attention will turn to you and your iPhone as Zaggle's activity recommendation engine tells you the most interesting things to do based on current time, place and friends present. Zaggle's audience is a unique marketing platform driven completely by face-to-face consumer experiences, the most valuable experiences in the world.

Sound interesting? We also have some screenshots illustrating the Zaggle features we have built so far. This is a view of the Zaggle Social Calendar website:

and these are some views our of Zaggle for iPhone app:

If you are interested we would love to hear from you! We are looking for designers, developers, product wizards, bizdev dealmakers, publicity genius or perhaps even more crucially introductions to people who might be interested in Zaggle ... so if you think you can help move Project Zaggle forward, please email a few words about yourself to We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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