Thursday, September 10, 2009

Want a Job? Stop Looking!

A lot of people are contacting me about jobs. As a newly minted entrepreneur I'm pretty active, meeting a lot of people, writing a lot of code, thinking a lot of thoughts. I guess people see this and differentiate it with there own routine. While Zaggle doesn't have funding at the moment, I think I can help you get a new job.

First of all, stop looking! "Looking" for a job is about the worst thing you can do for your career. "Looking" means you are browsing through Craigstlist or Monster, with each job requirement you don't match and each non-response from HR making you more frustrated and depressed. This is sapping your precious career mojo! Don't waste it. Reflect on your situation and read on.

Situation A. You are un-employed, low on funds and really stressed out. Do you have less than two months of savings? Is lack of income impacting your basic needs? If that's the case, you have no choice. You have to use craigslist and similar tools to maximize your coverage. Use the shotgun approach, casting a wide net is the fastest path to precious cash. But please, protect your mojo and search quickly and efficiently, don't linger on job listings. Fire and forget, HR isn't spending more than 2 minutes on your resume, you shouldn't spend more than 2 minutes emailing it to them. Realize it's a numbers game. You only need one "yes." Interview wisely. Interviews sap mojo very quickly. Don't interview unless you're fairly sure you will get the job. Most importantly, keep yourself motivated! Treat yourself. Only send as many resumes per day as you can before frustration enters your mind. Go to a park or museum. Catch up with friends! Try something new (and preferably free). Once you land a job that gives you enough cash to live, go to Situation C.

Situation B. You are employed but unhappy where you are and really stressed out. If you have no savings, quit your job immediately and go to Situation A. Nothing saps career mojo faster than workplace environment that you hate ... it will turn you off from working at any job! There are many of great jobs out there for you. If you have savings, awesome! Quit your job immediately. You are now officially FunEmployed. Chillax, reflect on your life, hang out with friends, and stay away from craigslist jobs. Go to situation C.

Situation C. You are employed or unemployed and you have enough cash to live frugally for a couple months. You are contemplating your life and what to do. Congrats! This is the best possible situation! First, know your strengths and weaknesses. I recommend Strengths Finder 2.0. This is an online test that will give you a solid, personalized list of your strengths and weaknesses backed up by the latest in social science. Once you know your strengths, you can sell your skills with credibility and integrity. Likewise for weaknesses. Be honest with yourself. It's a rare quality that is very desirable to employers. While you're on Amazon or at the Library, pick up some other books as well. Fiction or non, inspirational books, fun books. Books that will open your eyes to the millions of possibilities your world has to offer.

Now you know your strengths and you have some inspirational things to talk about. It's time to hang out! Use all the tools available to you to attend every event you can. Never refuse an invitation! The only valid reason for refusing an invitation is if you have different invitation that is better suited for your needs. Meet people, talk to them, listen. Understand how their world works, and how their world is similar or different to yours. Many of these events are free, but keep in mind that a $10-$40 event is going to have much higher quality contacts than a free event. The money acts as a filter for people that are enthusiastic and sincere, and it is money well spent. If you have lots of money, go to conferences. Or try snaggling a press pass for free. Use Zaggle Social Calendar to gather your friends and new contacts at the events that you enjoy. Your persoal network will grow organically and you will make lots of friends. After a few months, but less than a year, you will have a new work environment that you love. Guaranteed.

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  1. Awesome commentary and suggestions Jesse... almost zen like! You rock and so does Zaggle!


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