Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why are events 2nd class cititzens on the Web?

Overheard in my inbox from a Yahoo search engineer (soon to be working for Microsoft)

"Why aren't Events a first-class citizen alongside Web, Images, Video, ..."? Or in other words, why doesn't Yahoo! Search have a tab that lets me search for "Events in San Antonio in March" just like there's a tab that lets me search for "CC-licensed black & white pictures of flowers"?

Indeed, why not? anybody have opinions?

At Zaggle, we don't have passion for creating a search engine database with
a kabillion rows of data scraped from the web. That type of work as already been done by Google, Yahoo, and many others. We desire simply to organize and surface already existing event metadata.

However if we need to aggregate all the events on the planet in order to bring them to our presentation layer, we will do so. There is no Togetherness without things to do, people to see, and time to go there.

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