Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New! Personalized Events Newsletter Keeps You Together With Friends

We have been hard at work on new feature. Our new personalized email newsletter aggregates all the events your friends are attending into one simple email digest. You can set the email frequency anywhere from once per day to once per week. Here is a short example of what the email might look like, most emails will have more events than this.

In addition we have been improving our user aquisition flow. Our facebook connect flow guides a new user through the newsletter registration process on our website. In addition we have upgraded the Zaggle Facebook Application to include newsletter registration. Which flow do you like better?

We also made some usability enhancements to our Facebook App:
We hope you like these ehancements with many more on the way! If you think Zaggle is useful, please help spread the word by posting this link on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else with lots of friends: http://bit.ly/zeemail

Stick Together...

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